About Us

Vision Statement

Through a collaborative approach, the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency provides proactive and innovative community planning leadership and implementation to municipalities in northwestern Alberta.

Mission Statement

The Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency is a professional planning organization that guides the development of its member municipalities through the provision of innovative, comprehensive, and collaborative planning services based on a co-operative and cost effective approach.


  • MMSA puts its municipal members first and strives to support the long term fiscal viability of both the municipalities and the agency.
  • MMSA functions as the planning department for its member municipalities.
  • MMSA provides a full range of progressive planning services.
  • MMSA is committed to sustainable communities and enhancing quality of life.
  • MMSA supports its employees’ continued professional development.
  • MMSA is guided by an executive body of elected officials who provide leadership and policy direction.


The Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency will:

  • Provide a full range of community planning services to member municipalities, the region, the business community and the public;
  • Encourage development that is consistent with current land use planning best practices;
  • Work collaboratively and maintain open communication with member municipalities;
  • Encourage inter-municipal cooperation and collaboration amongst its member municipalities;
  • Advocate for the interests of member municipalities within the region and the province;
  • Provide planning services to address local and regional needs and goals;
  • Provide a forum to discuss and address planning and development issues that affect the region;
  • Achieve planning objectives in the most cost-effective and timely manner; and
  • Provide municipalities’ access to the diverse range of skill-sets within its professional staff.

Our Members

Municipality Representative Municipality Representative
Village of Berwyn Ron Longtin Town of Peace River Elaine Manzer
Village of Nampa Ed Skrlik Town of Rainbow Lake Michelle Farris
Town of Falher Donna Buchinski Clear Hills County Peter Frixel
Town of Grimshaw Tanya Wearden M.D. of Fairview No. 136 Ray Skrepnek
Town of High Prairie Brian Gilroy M.D. of Peace No. 135 Sandra Eastman
Town of Manning Greg Rycroft Northern Sunrise County Garrett Tomlinson

 Our Clients

  • Member Municipalities
  • Other Municipalities
  • Government Departments
  • Public/Private Organizations
  • Private Developers
  • Consulting Firms
  • General Public