Mapping & GIS Services

Our GIS department provides a wide range of mapping and Geographic Analysis services.

Web Mapping

Our municipal base Web maps have been created and our next step is to add more data to each of them to provide more information to municipal staff and the public.  Each municipality’s existing Web Map Application allows municipal staff and/or the public to:

  • Access the most current maps and data
  • Query the data on the map
  • Decide which data layers to view simultaneously
  • Print specific areas of interest
  • Measure the length and/or area of features: roads, parcels etc.
  • Access data at different scales

Click the links to open the web maps for our Member municipalities.

Clear Hills County
Town of Falher
Village of Berwyn
Town of High Prairie
Town of Grimshaw
M.D. of Fairview No. 136
Town of Manning
Village of Nampa
M.D. of Peace No. 135
Town of Peace River
Town of Rainbow Lake

Geographical Analysis

Standard Municipal Map Products

Our Standard Municipal map products include:

  • Base mapping of Roads, Municipal Boundaries, Lot and Block Lines, Streams and Creeks
  • Registered Plan Maps
  • Street Addressing Maps
  •  Land Ownership Maps
  • Rural Addressing Maps

MMSA can create other maps based on the availability of any type of geographically referenced data.  These can include, but are not limited to:

  • General Reference Mapping
    • School and/or Electoral Districts
    • Municipal Points of Interest
    • Urban Neighbourhood Boundaries
    • Postal Code Blocks
    • Fire Hydrant and Valve Locations
    • Parks Information
    • Landmarks (Schools, Places of Worship)
    • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Lines
    • Water Main Locations
  • Thematic Mapping of Census or Municipal Financial Data
    • Municipal Water Use
    • Population & Dwelling Counts
    • Household Income
    • Family Composition & Marital Status
    • Primary Language Spoken

Geographical Analysis

Using GIS we can combine and analyse data to create:

  • Slope and Aspect Maps
  • Line-of-Sight Maps
  • Best Route and Optimal Siting Maps
  • Historical and Temporal Change Maps

These lists are not exhaustive and we work with our member municipalities to provide map products that best meet their needs.